Integrating the Elemental Self

August 17-20th 2023

In honoring the feminine, our vision is to create a time for transformation. A space for fun, healing, and rejoicing in our womanhood through Earth-honoring traditions, ceremonies, and teachings. We are a multi-generational circle of women dedicated to walking gently on the earth and providing a safe, supportive, and sacred environment for growth.





Oh, the seduction of

Dancing with the Goddess~

imagining can be so colorful~

Yet, reality of the dance can be groundbreaking, painful

Painful like when you first walk

your tender winter feet on the granite rock

Painful like the first cramps of the beginning of your womanhood

The Dance can stir awe, worry, uncertainty and simultaneously

stir magnetism, passion and attachment

Even, laying completely still

My warm back on the cool spring earth

I watch the night sky

Dancing, stars, shooting across the sky

Universe, dancing

Planets, following step by step,

  The dance they’ve done for our brief


The dichotomy is the singularity

My breath, simply in and out, keep my consciousness ANCHORED in my body

The dance is so simple

And so difficult to remember

We all lay our backs

 seeing the swirls in the starry night sky

We dance, in every darkness,

   With Kali, with Ursa Minor and Major

We breath the same patterns and the same air, we bear the scars

As has EVERY being on the Earth

Sharing the Earth plane, resources

Dancing with Pachamama

Forever, repeating

Looking outward to the milky way for guidance

And being yanked back into the body…

Just this one breath…

this ONE warm breath ?

THIS is all we’ve EVER had.

a lifetime?

Well, that was our imagination all along

The Dance with EVERY Goddess is always now… only now

And will forever be

Dance.Breath. Now.

Written by:

♥️Melissa Echoing Wilderness Woman

(photo: Laurie Babineau)


Join us on Trout Pond for a weekend of sacred ceremonies,
fun teachings and gentle friendship…”

For the past 34 years the council girls in Maine (and travelers from lands beyond) have gotten together every August to camp. Over the years there were different camps, and now the Maine Council of Women have found a home at Camp Susan Curtis in Stoneham, Maine.

If you’ve come to Council before you know this rural camp has the most amazing private lake and surrounding mountains, with a lovely sandy beach on Trout Pond. It’s completely quiet here (except for our laughter and excitement which overflows the land, and the lake, and the o-so blue sky).

If you would like to be added to our mailing list, please contact us.

We are not affiliated with the National Council of Women.

Please note! We are pleased to share here information about our Sisters. We are not officially affiliated with these groups, however we love them dearly, nonetheless. Check them out!

* Sisters of the Sacred Spiral in Glorietta, New Mexico

* Standing Stone Learning Center in Hartford, Maine