Join us for our upcoming …
32nd Annual Maine Council of Women

Presently we are assessing the world-at-large and what options exist for a physical Council this year. Soon we will have a clearer look and can make more informed decisions. We are also discussing possibly having virtual components of our gathering. Check our Facebook page for an upcoming poll.

* Holding Up The Sky *

August 20th to 23rd, 2020 –

Air holds
Wings like
Of smoke
Water droplets
And I
Arms stretched out
Holding up the sky

*Oak Woman*


Join us on Trout Pond for a weekend of sacred ceremonies,
fun teachings and gentle friendship…”

For the last 30 years the council girls in Maine (and travelers from lands beyond) have gone together to camp every August. Over the years there were different camps, and now for the last many years the Maine Council of Women have found a home at Camp Susan Curtis in Stoneham, Maine.

If you’ve come to Council before you know this rural camp has the most amazing private lake and surrounding land, with a lovely sandy beach on Trout Pond. It’s completely quiet here. (Except for our laughter and excitement which overflows the land, and the lake and the o-so blue sky.)

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We are not affiliated with the National Council of Women.

Please note! We are pleased to share here information about our Sisters. We are not officially affiliated with these groups, however we love them dearly, nonetheless. Check them out!

* Sisters of the Sacred Spiral in Glorietta, New Mexico

* Standing Stone Learning Center in Hartford, Maine