* 2021 is Re-emergence *

The staff is busily discussing plans for 2021. The dates will be August 19th to August 22nd. We are talking about all scenarios; an in-person gathering is feeling more and more possible! We miss everyone!

Stay tuned for more info. ♥



* Holding My Piece of The Sky – 2020 *

The council staff have been having long and difficult discussions and visualizing different scenarios around this year’s physical Council at the lake.

We have come to the conclusion that gathering together, as important as we all feel it is normally; will not be in the best interest of our collective safety this year.

And so we are inviting you, wherever you are, to individually honor the divine feminine energy on Saturday, August 22nd. This is a day we would have been together at the lake. We will each be holding space for our shared spiritual journey and to honor all of you. Ask yourself how and where you can find the energy for that day and to get through the year ahead. We will meet you at that spark.

Our physical time apart will be yet that much sweeter once we can be together again. Be brave, be courageous, be enchanted. We love you!

“We are women.  We hold up half the Sky.  We express the nurturance and strength of Mother Earth, who roots us in the mystery of Her depths.

Our only job is to truly express our unique selves – the gift no one else can give.  This is how Balance is achieved.

And so, as we grow and change, becoming more fully ourselves, we each Hold Up Our Piece of the Sky.  Not more.  Not less.

Thus, together or apart, we hold up half of the Sky, achieving our collective Purpose and securing our places in the Ever-changing Wholeness of Life.” –Medicine Wind

p.s. Our plans and discussions for 2021 have already begun! Stay tuned for confirmation of the dates.


Air holds
Wings like
Of smoke
Water droplets
And I
Arms stretched out
Holding up the sky

*Oak Woman*


Join us on Trout Pond for a weekend of sacred ceremonies,
fun teachings and gentle friendship…”

For the last 30 years the council girls in Maine (and travelers from lands beyond) have gone together to camp every August. Over the years there were different camps, and now for the last many years the Maine Council of Women have found a home at Camp Susan Curtis in Stoneham, Maine.

If you’ve come to Council before you know this rural camp has the most amazing private lake and surrounding land, with a lovely sandy beach on Trout Pond. It’s completely quiet here. (Except for our laughter and excitement which overflows the land, and the lake and the o-so blue sky.)

If you would like to be added to our mailing list, please contact us.

We are not affiliated with the National Council of Women.

Please note! We are pleased to share here information about our Sisters. We are not officially affiliated with these groups, however we love them dearly, nonetheless. Check them out!

* Sisters of the Sacred Spiral in Glorietta, New Mexico

* Standing Stone Learning Center in Hartford, Maine